Joe's Lover Jeans Coupon Codes ~ Cheap Joe's Provocateur Jeans

Joe's Lover Jeans Coupon Codes

Joe's Lover Jeans fit a little looser in the thigh than your typical girl jean. In fact, they might remind you of how your boyfriend wears his jeans. They even sit lower on the hip. With those two attritutes, that makes this a very comfortable and casual jean. You can't dress it up as easily as you can with Joe's Cigarette Jeans or Joe's Provocateur Jeans, the Lover is a good match for a hooded sweatshirt or track jacket. Making a quick run to the store or movie rental place? Throw these on and a t-shirt and you'll be looking fly as pie.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price on Joe's Lover Jeans is $130, which may sound like a lot for many consumers. However, if you break these Joes Jeans down into cost per wear, it can become a great deal if you wear it enough. If you wear your jeans twice a week for a year, that would mean you wore them 104 times, making your cost per wear a measly $1.25! Do this for another year and your cost per wear will be less than seventy five cents! Joe's Jeans are a good long term investment because they use high quality fabrics and aim for comfort and lasting style. No wonder so many celebrities love these jeans and no wonder so many normal people are willing to spend to get their hands on some. These designer jeans are truly in demand and highly sought after. Joes Jeans styles don't even have a heavy ad campaign in rotation. Word of these designer jeans has been spread organically, through word of mouth.

Some call this a "boy-cut" jean, when they truly are slight boot cut jeans. That gives the jean a little girlish flair. With the way this jean sits on your body, you may even compare it to a casual pair of True Religions or Seven for all Mankind Dojo jeans. Definitely try them on before you buy because Joe's Jeans Lover may not be the right style for you. However, if you are looking for a very mellow, laid back jean, Joe's Lover Jeans may be what you need.