3 Ways to Find Cheap Joe's Petite Skinny Jeans ~ Cheap Joe's Provocateur Jeans

3 Ways to Find Cheap Joe's Petite Skinny Jeans

There are many ways to look sexy in your Joe's Petite and Skinny Jeans. You can tuck your skinny jeans into your boots, you can wear them with flats, or you can wear them with heels. You can even roll or cuff your Joes Skinny Jeans up and match them with flip flops. Depending on what look you are trying to achieve, take your pick. Read on to see what the effects of each Joes Skinny Jeans look would be on your figure.

On the East Coast in America right now, like New York, New Jersey, and Boston, the Joes Skinny Jean look is hot. You can tuck your Joe's Skinny Jeans into boots. Regular pants will bunch up or wrinkle when you try to do this. Girls look great when they tuck their slim pants into cowboy boots, furry boots, leather boots, or even Uggs. This look is versatile because you can wear something casual like a snorkel jacket, leather jacket, or track jacket. Or you can go with an urban look like a military jacket, racing jacket or hooded jacket. Or you can dress up your outfit with a sexy trenchcoat, peacoat, or sexy top (the pants and boots should still be comfortable in the summer). This skinny jeans style is awesome because it allows you to show off your boots, instead of covering them up under your boot cut jeans. The bulk of the boots also helps balance out the curves of your hips, thighs, and butt. So, you look good whether you have minimal curves, or are bootylicious.

Another great look for Joes skinny jeans is if you roll them up or cuff them. This makes them look a little more like bermudas or capris, and is a very European look in the summer. You can then wear a pair of flip flops or flats. This is probably the most casual way to wear your Joe's Skinny jeans.

You can also wear your Joe's skinny jeans with stilettos. This combination of skinny legs and high heels is very flattering and slimming. It is quite the opposite of tucking them into boots as there isn't much bulk or mass on your feet. Pointy toed high heels or strappy high heels make this look very fabulous and classy. On top you can wear a blouse or blazer to accentuate the look.

The last way to wear your Joes skinny jeans would be with ballet flats or pumps. This look has been seen all over the world and celebrities have rocked it, as it is comfortable, classy, and cool. You can pair this with almost any top or outerwear, and with a big slouchy purse you are good to go on a date, shopping, or partying. It's quite a versatile look.

Again, you have your multitude of Joe's Jean Washes to choose from, but that is more of a color matching (or mismatching) issue that you can coordinate depending on what shoes, top and purse you're using.